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Authentic German Food

Fritz & Franz Bierhaus serves authentic German food in Coral Gables. Visit us!

We offer a variety of local and German beers to suit every customer.

Our German Platter

At Fritz & Franz Bierhaus, we offer a list of traditional and authentic German food prepared using original recipes from Munich, including the:

  • Wilhelm Sampler Platter – Haus Wings with our Spicy or Jäger BBQ sauce, Biercheese Dip & Chips, Haus Franks, Bavarian Pretzels, radishes, sauerkraut and potato salad.
  • Oktoberfest Platter – A selection of cold cuts, smoked meats and sausage, with a selection of Bavarian cheeses, radishes, Schnitzel Fingers and a Bavarian pretzel. Served with sweet and spicy mustard.
  • Wurst Sampler – Bratwurst, Käsekrainer, Andouille, CervelatWurst and Bauernwurst. Served with potato salad, red cabbage, sauerkraut and sweet or spicy mustard.

True, rich and hearty German platters.

Authentic German Food  Coral Gables
Authentic German Food  Miami

Traditional German Items

Order any of our traditional German items with a beer for a true, rich and hearty German lunch or dinner!

Fritz & Franz Bierhaus proposes a wide range of dishes, including:

  • Pork Shank
  • Roasted Hendl
  • Kassler Rippchen
  • Stuffed Schnitzel
  • Jägerschnitzel
  • Wienerschnitzel
  • Kaseschnitzel
  • Rahmschnitzel
  • Smoked Pastrami Steak

A wide choice of traditional German food.

Our List of German Liquor:

  • Schonauer
  • Goldwasser
  • Kleiner Feigling
  • Obstler
  • Schladerer

Want to learn more about our German menu?

60 Merrick Way

Coral Gables FL 33134

(305) 774-1883